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 After the end of Mike's last band in early 2023, he began looking for like-minded musicians that wanted to give the crowds an excellent performance along with entertainment. In early 2024, Mike connected with drummer Stephen Davis who has played with numerous groups in Toledo.  Still out a bass player, Mike found through a music teacher, Danny Yang, who is a prodigy on the bass.  Together they set out to rock local venues.

Billy Stokes Jr. - Lead Vocals

Danny Yang - Bass

From Ottawa Hills, OH, Danny has been playing since high school and is currently a senior at Bowling Green State University in Jazz studies on electric and upright bass.  When Danny is not playing Jazz he is teaching Jazz.  Though Jazz is a major influence his roots come from many different styles such as Rock, Funk, Motown, and R&B.  His first heavy rock band was called "Half-Step Back" and is co-founder and bassist for Toledo's best pirate band The Bilgerats.


Mike Cole - Guitars

From South Toledo, OH, Mike has been playing guitar since he was a kid.  Former student of Jeff Kollman and Chuck Stohl, Mike grew playing heavy metal and hair metal but over the years has broaden his style with blues, classic rock, and country.  He enjoys playing all genres of music "anything that moves".  

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Stephen Davis - Drums

Born in Toledo, Stephen has been in the music for years with a great deal of experience in different projects over the years one of which was being the former drummer for the Sugar Pax.

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